center for innovation & research

“innovation” is INTENTIONAL, CONTINUOUS and ASPIRATIONAL problem-solving

NJHSA's Center for Innovation & Research is in the development process and aims to be an array of resources the Network could apply to help Members transform ideas and opportunities into actions through collaborations and partnerships with start-up companies, universities, foundation and corporations, philanthropists and government 

Supporting Member Innovation

At the 2017 October Executives' Conference in Phoenix, Mike Mozenter, founder of Bizlogx facilitated a lively workshop on the Network's efforts to develop a Center for Innovation and Research. The PowerPoint Presentation is available for viewing here

Next Steps

Five questions were discussed during the 3-hour workshop. Intrigued? Read the answers here

  1. What is the Center for Innovation and Research?
  2. What does the word "innovation" mean and how is it relevant to my day-to-day challenges?
  3. Are Members currently engaged in innovative activities that others would value?
  4. What could the Network do to help Members transform more innovative ideas into actions?
  5. What are the next steps in establishing the Center for Innovation and Research initiative?